The Fate of the Gods,Toughest challenge unlike any other the world has yet seen. The gods will decide to battle, even though they know what the prophecies have foretold concerning the outcome of this challenge. Let's take on the Ragnarok and challenge the gods of Asgard and prove you worthy entrance to Valhalla.

This chocolate bar is like eating the core of the Earth (hot as hell), even the gods of Asgard can't handle it. Do you really think you can handle this mighty bar?

  • Heat: GODLIKE

  • Contains 160 Carolina Reaper

  • MTO-Challenge (make to order)

  • 80|80 insanity points (each piece counts (10)

  • Charlie. Whitmore: [RR] Ragnarok Record 11pcs

63,99 - "By far the hardest thing i've ever done" //James


We wish you all an Insane Halloween.

Do you know where to find the scariest candy in the world? We don't know either but you can start looking at this place, you won't be disappointed! We have a partnership with an award-winning candy manufacturer so that the customer gets the best, no artificial crap. The heat is pure natural no extract, allowing you to enjoy the flavors of the products.

Thanks to our collaboration, the world has been able to enjoy spicy sweets that really taste good!

Pure Insanity Society - Your Alliance!



the Phoenix bar is a tasty and brutal challenge bar in collab with Pyro Pitbull. Contains 32 Carolina Reaper and 8 Lemon Dropp taste Raspberrys, you have to enjoy it for at least 21 minutes (2min/pc and 5 min after burn).

  • Heat: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Contains 32 Carolina Reaper

  • 16|16 insanity points (each piece counts (2)

  • James. Kloepper: [TP] Phoenix Record 8pcs

  • Video (the reveal).

22 - It's a "medium-ish" bar //James. Kloepper

Wall of Flame

Wall of Flame history was made with multiple challenges, completed and well earned 147 insanity points.

  • Insanity Challenge

  • Helheim

  • Pure Insanity

  • Pure Insanity X2

  • Four Horsemen

Never again! Until next time.